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Adaptations delays

Mr B was unhappy with the way we handled his complaint about delays to his repairs and our communication around this, so he contacted the Housing Ombudsman Service.


  • In September 2019, an occupational therapist recommend that adaptations were made to Mr B’s home, and funding for this was granted in January 2020. Mr B followed up with us several times to find out when the adaptations would be made, and then made a complaint about the outstanding works, the lack of communication, and raised concerns about the impact on his health.
  • We acknowledged Mr B’s complaint. It noted that Mr B had been shielding which meant works could not be undertaken sooner. Poplar HARCA assured Mr B that its contractor would be in touch to resolve the issue. Following the works Mr B remained unhappy with the quality of some of the works.
  • There were further delays in responding to Mr B’s complaint, so he asked for it to be reviewed. He wanted it to be resolved through compensation and/or being rehoused. We acknowledged the poor communication and delays.


  • The Housing Ombudsman Service agreed with Mr B that we didn’t do the works within an acceptable timeframe and that our communication was poor. It ordered us to pay compensation to Mr B.


  • Our Technical staff and contractors have had additional training to help them identify and understand when there’s a need to tailor our services to a resident’s individual circumstances. They’ve also been reminded of the importance of honest and timely communications so that our residents are kept informed and know what to expect.