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Delayed Repair Works

Mr B (name changed) was dissatisfied with our handling of a complaint regarding delays in carrying out repair works; and communication, so contacted the Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS).


  • In September 2019, adaptations were recommended by an Occupational Therapist for Mr B.  Funding was approved in January 2020.  As works had not been done, Mr B chased us on a number of occasions. Mr B then made a complaint about the outstanding works, the lack of communication, and raised concerns about the impact on his health.
  • We acknowledged Mr B’s complaint and noted that Mr B had been shielding which meant works could not be completed sooner. We assured Mr B that our contractor would be in touch to resolve the issue. Following the works Mr B remained unhappy with the quality of some of the works.
  • There were further delays in responding to Mr B’s complaint, so he asked for it to be reviewed. The remedy he sought was to be compensated and/or rehoused. We acknowledged poor communication and delays.



  • The Housing Ombudsman Service agreed with Mr B that we did not do the works within an acceptable timeframe and our communication was poor. There were unacceptable delays, and we had not properly understood the complaint and the impact of the service failure on Mr B. The HOS ordered compensation to be paid.



  • Our technical staff and contractors have had additional training to help identify and understand when there is a need for additional or different services due to a resident’s individual circumstances.   They have also been reminded of the importance of honest and timely communications so residents are kept informed and know what to expect
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