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Housing and Regeneration (April 2021)

Mrs A. was unhappy with our handling of a complaint on two grounds;

  • How we handled her request for rehousing on medical grounds, including its communication and the time taken for her to be rehoused.
  • How we responded to her reports that dust from a neighbouring development was entering the property and affecting the health of her and her family


Mrs A raised concerns with us about the level of dust entering her property from a nearby development. She reported that this was affecting her family’s health, including her young children. She made a medical application to us for additional priority on medical grounds. This was initially rejected and the resident appealed the decision. Applications for 2 transfers on medical grounds are considered through the Local Authority’s common housing register. We then instructed an Occupational Therapist (OT) assessment for the resident’s son. The OT assessed the resident’s application and said that the resident’s son met the threshold for medical priority for a property for a larger property.

Mrs A then raised further complaints about our communication in relation to whether she could be rehoused in a particular estate. She referred to our communication in relation to the change in her assessed need from three to four bedrooms, the availability of four-bedroom properties in that estate and whether outdoor space was required. Mrs A had informed the Ombudsman that due to incorrect advice about the OT’s recommendation, she missed out on bidding on some properties.

We advised Mrs A that we had followed the correct lettings process. We acknowledged that its explanation of the process could have been clearer, but it did not agree that its understanding of the OT report had led to her missing out on an offer of a new home. In relation to the dust issue, we confirmed it could not consider this complaint as we were not the developer of the scheme.

We offered £100 in acknowledgement of the fact that it did not properly understand or explain the OT report and it could have been clearer to the resident in respect of her prospects of being re-housed. However, it did not agree that she had missed an opportunity to be rehoused.


  • Request for rehousing on medical grounds is outside of the jurisdiction of the Housing Ombudsman
  • Reports that dust from a neighbouring development was entering the property and affecting the health of Mrs A and her family is outside of the jurisdiction of the Housing Ombudsman.


To be able to understand and explain our Lettings process effectively. Being clearer to resident in respect of prospects of being re-housed.

Recommendation from the HOS

  • No recommendation was made by the HOS