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Noise Nuisance

Ms S (name changed) was dissatisfied with Poplar HARCA’s handling of a complaint regarding noise nuisance, so contacted the Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS).


  • Ms S complained about noise nuisance from coming from a plant room situated next to her property. The block in question was at the time managed by agents on Poplar HARCA’s behalf who were also responsible for the communal repairs. Ms S had raised the issues with the agents many times. Our managing agents had carried out remedial work in the plant on various occasions but could not still remedy the matter. Ms S then brought this matter to our attention, and we escalated our concerns with the managing agents. We identified that the repairs weren’t forthcoming with the agents, and therefore terminated our contract and successfully carried out the repair which resolved the matter.
  • Ms S escalated her complaint to our Review stage, where the panel awarded compensation for the stress and inconvenience caused by the delays in successfully carrying out the works.


  • The Housing Ombudsman found Maladministration in our handling of Ms S’s complaint. They found that there was no evidence that we, or our managing agent, took any steps to assess or record the volume of any noise transference in the property after completing works, and it delayed unreasonably in completing effective remedial work to resolve the noise transference. The HOS ordered us to pay further compensation for the distress and inconvenience.
  • As a result of this complaint, we now assign independent experts outside of Poplar HARCA to take a view on complex cases. We also now seek support from our Antisocial Behaviour team who use Noise App technology to measure noise at an earlier stage.
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