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Parking Charges

Mr K (name changed) was dissatisfied with Poplar HARCA’s handling of a complaint regarding parking charges, so contacted the Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS).


  • Mr K made an official complaint following an increase in Poplar HARCA’s parking charges. We explained to Mr K that our parking service is a wholly discretionary and optional service not directly related to a tenancy agreement or lease, and that this matter would therefore not be accepted as a complaint. We clarified the definition of a complaint, which includes a failure in a service or a failure to meet a promise or obligation.
  • We emphasised to Mr K that parking is an optional service offered at Poplar HARCA’s discretion, and suggested alternative options including applying to Tower Hamlets Council for a street permit, or renting a parking place elsewhere. Mr K was not happy with this decision and escalated his concerns to the Housing Ombudsman.


  • The Ombudsman concluded that the occupation of the property had not been adversely affected by the actions of Poplar HARCA’s decision to increase the parking charges.


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