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Shower & Water Pump Installation Request

Miss H (name changed) was dissatisfied with Poplar HARCA’s handling of a complaint regarding the installation of a shower and water pump, so contacted the Housing Ombudsman Service (HOS).


Miss H had a medical condition that made it difficult to wash herself and her children due to low pressure in the water supply in the property, and requested a shower and water pump to be installed in her bathroom. Miss H made a complaint about this matter.

  • Poplar HARCA clarified to Miss H that we would not consider the matter in our formal complaints procedure because we considered her case as a request for an improvement, which therefore did not demonstrate a service failure in our decision not to provide this. We had followed both our Complaints Policy and Aids & Adaptations Procedure when assessing Miss H’s request, and therefore did not consider the matter any further.
  • We advised Miss H to approach the local authority’s Occupational Therapy (OT) service. Miss H was not eligible for an assessment, and as a landlord we cannot carry out any improvements without an OT referral.


  • The Housing Ombudsman were satisfied that our decision was correct as Miss H had previously been advised that we could not carry out improvement works without an OT referral. This is standard practice in the social housing sector, and Miss H’s dissatisfaction with the landlord’s policy in relation to Aids & Adaptations does not fall within the scope of Poplar HARCA’s Customer Care Policy. It was recommended that if Miss H is unhappy with the OT department’s decision not to assess her needs, she should make a formal complaint directly to the local authority.
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