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Dizzee Rascal shoots new music video ‘Quality’ in Chrisp Street, featuring young musicians from Spotlight youth service.


Grime artist Dizzee Rascal returned to his roots in Chrisp Street to film the music video for his song ‘Quality’ featured on his EP, ‘Don’t Gas Me’.

Dizzee grew up in Bow and was a regular at Poplar HARCA’s Linc Community Centre, so was keen to return to shoot his vintage-inspired video, which has already had 350,000 views on YouTube since its release earlier this month.

As part of the video shoot, Dizzee offered young people who attend Spotlight (Poplar HARCA’s creative youth service) invaluable work experience as actors and runners. Spotlight sent a message out to all young people over 16 who had attended music sessions in the past year, and to over 16s that work with IMD Dance group, asking them to express interest.

Dizzee’s production team then chose 5 young people from Spotlight to take part: 4 actors, and a production runner.

17-year-old Jerry Ananga, an actor in the video, said: “I feel like I’m slowly on my way into the music industry and this music video shoot showed me how professional it really is and how much of a big step it is from where I am now, however it’s always given a lot of motivation.”

17-year-old Joshua (aka ‘Curlz’) also an actor in the video, said: “My favourite part was both the changing into costume and trying on clothes out of my personal comfort zone and the experience of shooting with Dizzee in the same room. This project was a lot bigger than I expected as my music videos are smaller and less planned. I intend on going into the music industry as an artist and this has made me view the bigger picture as this respected artist handles his job during the music video.”

Spotlight has a thriving music programme which operates from its state-of-the-art studio in Lansbury Spotlight and at its Bow East centre. This includes sessions where Spotlight’s resident producers support young people to develop their talent and engineer and record their own tracks.

It also has its own record label, Spotlight Sounds that has already released two albums on various online platforms.

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