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Help keep the wheels turning at Chrisp Street Community Cycle Hub


In September, we worked in partnership with Hubbub and Sustrans to launch a pilot community cycle hub in Chrisp Street market, Poplar. And now we need your help to keep the cycle hub open next year.

Please support the cycle hub crowdfunder campaign by liking, commenting on and sharing the SpaceHive page, and if you can, pledge as little as £2 to help keep activities going in 2022.

How can you help?

  1. Visit the SpaceHive crowdfunder page
  2. Set up an account for Spacehive, or login with Facebook
  3. Like the page
  4. Share a comment of support
  5. If you can, make a donation
  6. Share the message below with anyone you think might be keen to support
  7. Bask in the glow of knowing you’ve done your good deed for the day.
Support the Chrisp Street Community Cycle Hub crowdfunder

How will the crowdfunder help?

Safety, confidence and cycle storage are some of the main barriers to cycling being addressed by Chrisp Street Community Cycle Hub.

Since the pilot launched in September, the cycle hub has loaned over 100 bikes, and more than 320 people have taken part in an activity.

Without losing momentum, we want to more support families to continue cycling over winter, as well as train up local cycle volunteers and guide them into paid employment.

Next year, the hub also plans to host a bike swap event for local residents, a women’s only cycle club, and a bike library for children’s bikes.

You can read more about the proposals for the next phase of the cycle hub on the SpaceHive crowdfunder page.

To view and register for the latest cycle activities taking place in November, visit