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Local young people wash out hate graffiti


As Tower Hamlets Council calls for residents to support its No Place for Hate campaign during National Hate Crime Awareness Week, a group of dynamic local young men are leading a project to tackle hate graffiti across east London.

Fahim Faisal and Nazmus Sakib, both 17, co-founded the Wash Out Hate campaign with friends after getting fed up with seeing discriminatory graffiti on the walls surrounding Spotlight, one of six youth centres run by Poplar HARCA across east London.

Fahim said: “I didn’t want me or anybody else to see those negative messages.”

The young group bid for and were awarded a generous cash injection from London Youth, a charity on a mission to improve the lives of young people in London. They spent the £600 prize on a jet washer and gather once a week in the school holidays to blitz hateful graffiti on housing estates and in alley ways.

Their work has attracted support from the local community. Nazmus told us: “People passing by who see us scrubbing the walls have asked us what we’re up to. Some of them even help out. And that’s exactly what we want; to raise awareness of Wash Out Hate and encourage other people round here to do something positive too. What we’re doing is just the beginning.”

Wash Out Hate has caught the attention of the BBC, Channel 4, and marketing agencies Ipsos Mori and M & C Saatchi.

Fahim and Nazmus are also part of a youth committee which helps to shape Spotlight’s creative youth services in Langdon Park, Mile End, Bow, Poplar, and Bromley North and South.

You can find more about Wash Out Hate in this great short film starring Fahim, Nazmus and their friends.

Email Spotlight for more information about their creative youth services.

Find more about Tower Hamlets Council’s No Place for Hate campaign which provides training to the community to help tackle hate crime, supports victims, raises awareness of the impact of discrimination and aids the prosecution of perpetrators.

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“I didn’t want me or anybody else to see those negative messages.”

Fahim Faisul, Campaign Co-Founder