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Supporting residents to thrive through safeguarding


Our Housing department specialises in offering support to residents who need it through our dedicated Safeguarding team. Here, Jeanie Harrison, our Safeguarding Manager, shares some of the team’s latest stories of successfully helping local people to live happily in their homes.

“Last year, we opened a case for a resident with high dependency needs. He’d built up rent arrears of more than £7,000, and it was having a big impact on his mental health.

The resident had stopped talking to us because he was scared about what might happen to his tenancy, but we knew we could help him manage his payments with the right support. We worked closely with the Rents team to ensure he was receiving all the benefits he was entitled to and six months later, when the safeguarding case was closed, his rent account was in credit.

We’ve stayed in touch with the resident, and were delighted to hear that he’s now volunteering at a local foodbank. And he’s hoping to get back into full-time paid work soon.

We also recently supported a resident with mental health needs. During joint visits with a social worker, our Safeguarding Officer discovered that the resident’s home wasn’t suitable for his needs. The property needed several repairs, and his carers were struggling to provide him with the right care due to the poor conditions.

We spoke with the Housing team and we were able to find an alternative place for him to stay while the repairs were carried out.

Whilst there, the resident decided that he wanted to stay at the home he’d been moved to. His carers and social worker welcomed this decision, and it was agreed he could live there permanently. They told us that the care they’re able to provide for him is now much more effective, and that the resident is very happy in his new home.”

“We’re always here to help our residents, and offer a range of advice including money and welfare benefits, as well as support for dealing with domestic violence, and drug and alcohol use."

If you, or someone you know, would like support from our Safeguarding team you can get in touch with them by emailing You can also find out more about the service on our Support page.