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Together for a net zero carbon Tower Hamlets


Poplar HARCA has joined a powerhouse partnership which will work together to make Tower Hamlets a net zero carbon borough by 2045 or sooner.

We’ve teamed up with key players across Tower Hamlets to help fight climate change in the borough.

Led by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, the climate alliance is made up of local housing, education, health, community, voluntary, and business organisations.

Together, we’ve given the green light on a plan to make Tower Hamlets a net zero carbon borough by 2045.

The alliance will work in partnership to achieve the 2045 target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and offset remaining emissions, by finding ways to lower energy consumption, create sustainable supply chains and nurture biodiversity through planting trees and greening the borough.

Net Zero Carbon Partnership Action Plan summary

The net zero plan for Tower Hamlets has been unveiled as the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) takes place in Glasgow, with world leaders meeting to respond to the climate emergency.

We’re committed to improving the environment, and have recently launched our own carbon management strategy to help us become a carbon net zero organisation by 2050. From solar panels, cycle hubs and smart home devices, there’s lots we’re already doing to achieve our sustainability objectives. Visit our Environment page to learn more or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all our latest green projects in and around Poplar.