Value for Money

We believe in maximising the impact of every pound Poplar HARCA spends as a means to achieving its aims

It is important to us to that every pound we invest goes as far as possible. We ensure Value for Money (VfM) through service reviews, benchmarking and procurement processes.

Our approach to VFM includes:

  • having a robust approach to decision making
  • understanding the return on investment and assets
  • understanding the absolute and relative cost of providing services
  • monitoring and scrutinising on-going performance measured against business plan objectives

In evaluating VfM we consider if we are achieving its aims:

  • in an appropriate manner
  • to an agreed quality and cost
  • consistent with the requirements of wider social, environment and corporate responsibility

You can read more about how we ensure VfM in our annual VfM statements in the Useful downloads tab.



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