Gender Pay Gap

Companies with more than 250 staff have to report their gender pay gap.  Overall, Poplar HARCA’s mean gender pay gap is 12% in favour of men.

Everyone’s salaries is included in one of the bands. 

The lower quartile includes staff whose job roles command the lowest salary, and the upper quartile includes CMT and other higher-graded roles.

Pay Distribution by Quartile



Upper Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile



The gap does not mean that Poplar HARCA pays men and women differently for doing the same job. The gap exists because we have more men employed in the upper and lower quartiles. The lower quartile includes most of our Estate Services Team where the roles (Estate Cleaners and Horticultural Workers) have tended to be populated by men.  The upper quartile is CMT and other senior roles.

It should be noted that similar numbers of men and women are employed in roles that are paid in the middle quartiles. 

What is Poplar HARCA doing to close the gap?

In the past few years we have introduced initiatives such as Leadership Development and secondment programmes, the take-up of which has been gender-balanced. As opportunities become available, our expectation is staff will have acquired the necessary skills and knowledge for career progression.   However, the turnover of staff, especially at CMT and senior management level, is very low.  This limits progression into roles in the upper quartile.

Over the past few years there has been a big increase in women joining our Estate Services Team.  As more women join the Team and also take-up team leader roles, we expect this gap to reduce.

What about bonuses?

Poplar HARCA has a median bonus gender pay gap of 0% which means that the average bonus is the same for men and women.  73% of men received a bonus, compared with 68% of women. This is not 100% of each gender because not everyone was eligible for a bonus in the period of review.

However, we have a mean bonus payment gap of 47% in favour of men.  The mean figure is influenced almost entirely by the difference in bonuses paid to CMT who are recruited to individual contracts with different remuneration packages assessed according to the market, and the breadth of responsibilities.  Given the significant gap, CMT remuneration packages will be reviewed.

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