Gender Pay Gap

Companies with more than 250 staff have to report their gender pay gap.  Overall, Poplar HARCA’s mean gender pay gap is 12% in favour of men.

Everyone’s salaries is included in one of the bands. 

The lower quartile includes staff whose job roles command the lowest salary, and the upper quartile includes CMT and other higher-graded roles.

Pay Distribution by Quartile



Upper Quartile



Upper Middle Quartile



Lower Middle Quartile



Lower Quartile



We pay men and women the same rate if they do the same job.  The bigger difference in the percentage of men and women in the upper and lower bands is because we have more men employed in those bands - the lower quartile includes most of our Estate Services Team, the upper quartile is CMT and other senior roles. 

What is Poplar HARCA doing to close the gap?

We continue to offer a wide variety of personal development opportunities to all staff, and encourage everyone to identify what they need to progress their careers.  We are offering more secondments, alongside more formal leadership, management and mentoring programmes.

The proportion of women in our Estate Services Team has increased from 24% to 38%.  Whilst this is great for diversity, it also means that our mean gender pay gap has actually gone up to 14% because there are now more women in the lower pay quartile.  More positive for the pay gap is that we have had a small increase in female colleagues securing senior roles in the past year, despite turnover being very low. 

What about bonuses?

The average bonus is the same for men and women, meaning there is no median bonus gender pay gap.  90% of men received a bonus, compared with 86% of women.  This reflects eligibility for the discretionary bonus payment.

We still have a mean bonus payment gap of 39% in favour of men, which has reduced by 8%.  This gap is almost entirely due to the CMT bonus scheme which reflects individual employment contracts, and remuneration based on a market assessment of salary roles and responsibilities.

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