Gender Pay Gap

Companies with more than 250 staff have to report their gender pay gap. Everyone’s salary is included in one of these bands:

Pay Distribution by Quartile* Male Female
Upper Quartile 64% (decreased)  36% (increased)
Upper Middle Quartile 43% (increased) 57% (decreased)
Lower Middle Quartile 47% (increased) 53% (decreased)
Lower Quartile 66% (increased) 34% (decreased)

*Figures for March 2022, compared to previous year

The lower quartile includes lowest-salary jobs in estate cleaning and horticulture. The upper quartile includes higher paid executive team, senior management and specialist roles. Poplar HARCA pays men and women the same salary for doing similar jobs. The gap which exists is because we still have more men employed in the upper and lower quartiles.

What is Poplar HARCA doing to close the gap?

We continue to offer development opportunities to all our staff. In 2021 we launched our GROW initiative – which required all people managers to undergo a staff coaching training programme designed to support them to hone their staff development skills. This year we’ll be launching our first new and prospective manager training programme and – later in the spring – we’ll be piloting a reverse mentoring programme which will see members of our Staff Executive (non-managerial staff from across the business) paired with executive team members.

Our investment in skills development and EDI initiatives continues to have a positive effect. For the first time we have a negative hourly median pay rate – which means that the hourly earnings midpoint for women at HARCA exceeds the hourly earnings midpoint for our male employees. We can attribute this change to there being an increase in female employees working in upper quartile roles. All in all, this has resulted in an improved gender pay gap result – with our mean gender pay gap (the difference between the hourly average earnings for men and women) dropping to below 10% for the first time.

What about bonuses?

Poplar HARCA has a bonus gender pay gap of 39% this year. This bonus pay gap exists because, whilst all non-executive team employees are eligible to receive the same flat bonus, it is reduced pro rata for those who commence employment part way through the year and/or who work part time – and the majority of our part time employees are female. In addition, whilst all executive team members are eligible to receive the same performance related bonus, there are fewer females in this group.