Let your home

If you're a leaseholder, you can apply to let your home

Residents have the right to take in lodgers and sublet

You can take in a lodger without our permission as long as the property does not become overcrowded.

You can sublet part of the property, but only with our written permission. We will not refuse permission unreasonably.


Your lease says that you should tell us if you want to sublet your property. You can download a subletting notification form and send it to us, or register your interest below and we will get in touch with you. On the form, you will need to give us details of your tenant as well as your new address if you no longer plan to live in the property.

Your responsibilities

You must continue to pay for service charges and ground rent, so you must tell our home ownership team which address you want us to send invoices to.

We will take legal action against you (not the tenant) if payments are not made. You are responsible for your tenant and we will contact you or your managing agents if they cause any problems.

Some of our most serious antisocial behaviour problems come from tenants whose landlords do not live nearby, so it is vital that you tell us where you are so we can contact you if necessary.

Before you sublet your property

If you have a mortgage you will need to get your bank or building society permission to sublet your property, as it may be a condition of the mortgage that you live in the property.

You must tell us that you are subletting your property. This is to make sure that any insurance claim you make is covered.

You should get advice from the company that provides your home contents insurance. If you don’t, you may find that any claim you make may not be valid.

You must tell us if the property is going to be left empty for any length of time, as you will not be able to make a claim in these circumstances.

Register Your Interest

Data Protection

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