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Use the useful links and downloads tab on this page to apply or find out more about moving home.

Poplar HARCA tenants can download an application form to join the housing list – see the useful downloads tab.

Priority for all applications is assessed in the same way according to the Tower Hamlets Allocations Scheme.

Once registered on the list, you have to bid for homes advertised on the Tower Hamlets Homeseekers website.

There are many more applicants for housing than there are homes available.  Statistics are available on the Tower Hamlets Homeseekers website.

As you will probably wait a long time (often many years) for an offer, you should take a look at other housing options.

Many homes are ‘car free’ which means you cannot apply to Tower Hamlets Council for a parking permit.  You can apply for Poplar HARCA estate parking, and you may be eligible for the Council’s Permit Transfer Scheme.

If you breach your tenancy agreement – for example being involved with anti-social behaviour or not paying your rent – your application will be removed from the housing list and you will lose waiting priority.


If you are a Poplar HARCA tenant and your home is overcrowded, you will be included for our Overcrowding Reduction Strategy.  You will be offered one home that is the right size for your family. 

We cannot say when an offer will be made; and it could be in any location, for any type of property and any tenure e.g. affordable rent.  If you refuse an offer it will not affect your housing application.


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