Satellite Dishes

Can I install my own satellite where I live?

‘A Householder’s Planning Guide for the Installation of Satellite Television Dishes’, produced by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, provides guidance on planning permission for satellite dishes.

Please refer to the clauses in Poplar HARCA’s tenancy conditions and Leases.


Do I need permission/obtaining for installing satellite?

All residents must seek and obtain written permission from us to install a satellite dish.

We will grant permission for a satellite dish to be installed, providing that the following conditions are met:

  • There is no existing provision (e.g. communal satellite aerial system)
  • The dish will not be installed on cladding
  • No damage is caused to the building

If planning permission is required, that this has been sought and obtained and written confirmation of planning approval has been provided to us

The equipment (including cabling) is installed to a recognised standard

The dish is installed and sited to minimise environmental impact

In exceptional circumstances, we will consider granting permission for a satellite dish to be installed in situations where we would normally refuse permission. These cases must always be discussed between the resident and us before any work is carried out.


What if I want to set up large and non-standard satellite dishes?

If you wish to install a large satellite dish, for example, to receive non-UK television programmes, you must obtain permission from BOTH the Council’s planning section and Poplar HARCA. You must inform us in writing of their reasons for wanting to install a large or non-standard dish.


Do I need to worry if I have installed a large satellite already without permission?

For existing large or non-standard satellite dishes, particularly where a complaint has been received, we will take action in line with existing policy. We will also take enforcement action if the owner of the satellite dish cannot provide a valid reason for having a large or non-standard satellite dish.


What if the cladding of the block was damaged during satellite installation?

If an unauthorised satellite dish has damaged the cladding of a block, we will recharge the resident responsible for the cost of the damage caused.

For newly installed satellite dishes, we will take action following normal procedures for breach of tenancy conditions, up to and including seeking injunctions.

If, in the future, we undertake the cladding of further blocks, but without the installation of a communal system, we will require residents of those blocks to remove their satellite dish. The resident must then re-site the satellite dish so that it does not to damage the new cladding and must continue to conform to the other requirements for installation.

We will seek to maintain the communal aerial systems, in line with our repair obligations and associated targets.


What should I do if I installed a satellite without permission?

For existing satellite dishes, we will withdraw implied permission and take enforcement action as per section 8.1. There are, however, circumstances where alternative action would be taken:

  • If an existing satellite dish was erected without permission, but has otherwise fulfilled the criteria outlined in section 4.2., the implied permission would become express permission.
  • Where an existing satellite dish was erected without permission, and breaches the criteria of section 4.2., we will work with the owner of the satellite dish to try to resolve the matter. For example, in arranging for a badly positioned dish to be re-sited. If the owner refuses, or if the matter cannot be resolved, we will take enforcement action.


Will my satellite dish be affected by cranes nearby?

Satellite reception is less prone to interference from cranes, but please be aware that satellite dishes require a clear line of site to the sky. Any crane, tree or other may cause interference and obstruction by another building can cause loss of reception.


Do I need to buy new satellite dish if I want Sky television?

 If you want Sky television you will not need to buy your own mini dish; you will be able to plug into our communal dish, but will need to subscribe.

The new systems Poplar HARCA is installing provide a TV connection as well as two satellite connections. This means you can have digital TV, Sky TV, Sky Plus HD or use the satellite connections for televisions in other rooms. The choice is yours.


Need more information?

For more detailed information please contact Peter Harrold on 0800 035 1991.

Or you can go to the website:

If you are elderly (75 or over) or disabled you may be able to get help with the cost of a set-top box. To find out if you are eligible you can ring the Switchover Help Scheme on 0800 408 5900, go to the website above or



Peter Harrold 0800 035 1991

Switchover Help Scheme 0800 408 5900

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