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If you are a Poplar HARCA tenant there are a number of ways you can purchase your home, depending on your situation:  Shared Ownership, Part Buy, Right to Acquire and Right to Buy.

Shared Ownership

To find out more about shared ownership, eligibility criteria, available homes and ‘coming soon’ homes.

Poplar HARCA Part Buy

Instead of buying your home outright, you buy a % based on what you can afford.  You pay rent on the % you can’t yet afford to buy, and can buy more shares over time until you own 100%.

Right to Buy

Former secure council tenants may do so through the Right to Buy scheme. 

If you are unsure if you can apply for either scheme, please contact our Customer Service Team. 

Right to Acquire

New tenants who have an assured tenancy may do so through the Right to Acquire scheme. 


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