Under the Right to Buy scheme you may get a discount of up to £108,000 on the market value of your home

Below is all the information you need to understand and apply for Right to Buy. Please complete all the forms and send them to the Customer Services Team, Poplar HARCA Head Office, 167A East India Dock Road, E14 0EA.

Right to Buy Guide: This booklet will help you to understand Right to Buy. Please note the discount has increased to a maximum of £108,000 since this booklet was published.

Right to Buy Cover Letter: A template cover letter to make it easier for you to apply for Right to Buy.

Notice for Right to Buy: Please complete this form to apply for the Right to Buy Scheme.

Right to Buy Supplementary Application Form: Please fill in this form to verify your eligibility for the scheme. 

Poplar HARCA Profile Form: Please complete this form so we understand your relationship with us.

Insolvency Declaration: Please complete this form so we understand your financial situation.

Right to Buy Timescale: This document provides a rough guide on how long the whole process may take.

If you need more information, please contact our Customer Service Team. 


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