Fire Safety

Your safety is important to us, that’s why we work with the London Fire Brigade to make sure your homes are safe.

There’s lots of ways you can help make a fire less likely in your home, such as installing and maintaining smoke alarms, or reporting any fire concerns you may have to us.

Read the Emergency Plan below, then take a look at our top tips in the Useful Downloads section.

If the fire is in your home:

  • get everyone out
  • close the door behind you
  • try to warn neighbours
  • use the stairs not the lift
  • leave the building and move a safe distance away
  • phone 999 from outside.

If your home is affected but you are unable to leave the building:

  • call for help from a window
  • use towels and sheets to block smoke
  • if affected by smoke, stay as low as possible


If you suffer trauma as a consequence of fire, you can acces expert advice

NHS trauma leaflet

Coping with trauma - Dr Guy Holmes, Clinical Psychologist


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