How to: Enquire on behalf of other residents

Enquiring of behalf of other residents

Where residents other than the lead tenant(s) of a named property require information about the residents' rent accounts, tenancy issues, temporary parking scratchcards or fob keys they must provide the following for our records:

  • A signed letter of authorisation from the lead tenant, giving us consent to provide the required service
  • The lead tenant's photo ID and the nominee's photo ID (A passport or driving license. For OAPs, freedom passes are fine)
  • 2 proofs of address from the lead tenant and the nominee, for example a council tax letter, bank statement, or utillity bill

When a tenant passes away

We understand that when loved ones pass away this can be a difficult and worrying time. We therefore aim to make the process as easy as possible.

When this happens, either:

a) Poplar HARCA will serve a Notice to Quit on the property (as required by law).
b) A person who has been elected to deal with the tenant’s affairs can complete a DT1 Form to end the tenancy. You can apply to succeed this tenancy if:

  • you are a family member of the tenant and were living at the property at the time of their death
  • you were living at the address for at least 12 months prior to the tenant’s death, and can provide proof of this

To apply, complete an Succession Application Form, providing as much proof as possible of your residency and proof of your relationship to the tenant, and email to Applications must be submitted within one month of the tenant’s death.

If you need more information or support, please call or email us.


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