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Household waste

For information on the collection of household waste please visit the Tower Hamlets website.


Poplar HARCA encourages residents to minimise their waste as much as possible by making use of Tower Hamlets Council's recycling facilities.

Dry recyclables (pink bag scheme): glass jars/bottles, food and drink cartons, plastic bottles, aerosols, paper/card and tins/cans can all be recycled. These are to be placed in pink bags (never in black sacks) and either left out for door-step collection (from houses or street properties) or in designated purple euro-bins on estates.

Food waste (peelings, raw and cooked scraps) can be saved in special kitchen caddies and then either collected from doorsteps (houses, some larger tower blocks: in which case special buckets are provided for this purpose) or placed in designated brown wheelie-bins on estates. The correct starch liners provided by the Council for this scheme MUST be used and never any other type of bag.

Garden Waste: those with gardens can either opt to join the garden waste collection scheme in which case special bins and/or bags are available from the Council or can compost green waste themselves by applying for a compost bin or wormery.


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