Notice of Seeking Possession

What is a Notice of Seeking Possession (NOSP)?

A Notice of Seeking of Possession (NOSP) is notification to you that we intend to seek possession of your property.

This is a serious situation as you could lose your home.  You must contact us without delay to speak about how this can be avoided.

This notice is the first stage of legal action that may lead to an eviction. It is important that you read and understand it. We will serve this notice before making an application to the court.

The notice must fix a date – at least four weeks ahead – after which a court action may be started. If action is not started within a further 12 months the notice is no longer valid, however, we can serve a new notice.


Where can I get some advice if I received Notice of Seeking Possession?

You can get advice about it from us, the Citizens Advice Bureau, Tower Hamlets Law Centre, Island Advice Centre or other agencies.


When would I be served with Notice of Seeking Possession?

A notice of seeking possession is served when Poplar HARCA have specific “Grounds” (as set out by the Government) and we can demonstrate that a tenant has breached one or more of the terms and conditions of the  tenancy agreement.

Examples of reasons we may serve a NOSP, if:

  • You are in arrears with your rent  or if you are not in advance with your rent – this includes your service or heating charges which is all collected under the general heading of rent
  • You or anyone living with you, have caused annoyance or nuisance to your neighbours (anti-social behaviour). It is our policy to evict proven perpetrators of racial harassment and other serious ant-social behaviour.
  • You or anyone living with you has been convicted of using your home for illegal or immoral purposes
  • You or anyone living with you has damaged your home or a communal area
  • You made false statements to obtain a tenancy or you are subletting your home
  • You refused to leave a property let to you temporarily while your permanent home was being repaired or modernised
  • You have given or received money as part of an exchange
  • You have a permanent home elsewhere

Please refer to your tenancy agreement for the terms and conditions that apply to you.

For further information, contact Poplar HARCA on 0800 1991 035

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