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Parking Update (26/06/2020)

UK Car Park Management (CPM) is no longer enforcing parking on Poplar HARCA estates, and signage will start to be removed.

We re-tendered the parking enforcement contract prior to the Covid-19 lockdown. Only two firms responded. One firm did not pass due diligence, the other pulled out after we awarded them the contract. Other housing associations have also not been able to find a contractor. 

We appreciate the frustration if you cannot park in the bay you pay for, but we will not be offering an immediate response. This is because the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 means Poplar HARCA cannot clamp or remove any vehicle; and given the difficulties issuing and collecting fines, including the real risk of harm to our staff, we will not have patrols.  

Poplar HARCA will enforce in a different way:

  1. A vehicle parked on our estate without a permit or scratch card will be logged. Residents can help us with this by taking a time/date stamped photo that shows the location and registration number.
  2. We will ask the DVLA for details of the registered keeper. The registered keeper will be contacted, and warned their vehicle should not park again on any of our estates.
  3. If the registered keeper does not again park on our estates nothing more will happen.
  4. If the registered keeper does again park on our estates we will:
    1. Apply to Court for an injunction excluding their vehicle from all Poplar HARCA land.
    2. Breach of an injunction is a Contempt of Court, punishable by a fine or imprisonment.
    3. Ask for costs to be awarded.
    4. Treat it as a breach of the tenancy or lease if they are a Poplar HARCA tenant or leaseholder. Breach of a tenancy agreement or lease could result in possession proceedings.

We have recently successfully tested this new approach, and the charge you pay is for the use of the bay not enforcement. But get in touch if you decide you would prefer to end your license as a result of these changes. 

No one was charged for a parking bay from 16 March to 7 June due to the Covid-19 lockdown. If you continued to pay during this period, there will be a credit on your account.

If you have any questions, please contact us at, or on 0800 035 1991.


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