Coronavirus Covid-19: Repairs information

Essential repairs

During the coronavirus pandemic, we are only carrying out essential repairs:

    Essential repairs

         Non-essential repairs

  • heating or hot water and gas servicing
  • electrical emergencies
  • security locks and window restrictors
  • severe leaks
  • work required to preserve the safety of residents or the structure of a building
  • communal and estate repairs including lifts
  • works in our empty properties
  • minor day-to-day repairs, adjustments or inspections
  • mould and condensation
  • finishings including decoration, plastering, tiling and flooring
  • bath panel renewals
  • replacements
  • any repair required as a result of damage, neglect or misuse by the resident

We are not logging or booking non-essential repairs at the moment. If in a month’s time the repair is still needed, please contact us for advice. Communal and estate works will continue as usual because there is no risk of close contact between people.

For essential repairs, please call us on 0800 035 1991.

Repairs in your home

Our contractors are continuing to carry out essential repairs. They are taking extra safety measures to help keep you and themselves healthy while they work in your home.

  • They will wash their hands when they arrive and before they leave your property
  • They may wear masks, gloves and use hand sanitiser
  • They may use an antibacterial cleaning solution or wipes on surfaces in the area they are working in

In line with Government advice, please keep your distance while they are working. If possible elderly, pregnant or vulnerable residents should stay in a different room or keep at least 2 metres away.

Our contractors also have steps in place to help people in isolation as much as possible, for example, they can drop off temporary heating equipment with no contact.

Gas Servicing

We have a legal responsibility for gas safety in our tenanted homes. This means we must:

  • Repair and maintain gas pipework, flues and appliances in safe condition
  • Ensure an annual gas safety check on each appliance and flue
  • Keep a record of each safety check

Gas safety is so important, we are continuing to carry out annual safety checks during lockdown.

K&T Heating is following government advice when they visit tenants’ homes:

  • They wear full PPE
  • They carry disinfecting wipes, and will clean the area after the service
  • They will stay 2 metres away from anyone in the property

If you are worried because you, or someone you live with, is self-isolating or shielding, let us know on 0800 035 1991 or

Useful resources

Below are some useful how-to videos and resources so that you can carry out basic repairs jobs at home in the meantime, without having to book an appointment or wait for an engineer.

Gas, boilers and heating
How to bleed a radiator
How to reset a boiler
What to do if you smell gas

Electrical and lighting
How to change a 2D lightbulb
How to change a fluorescent light fitting
How to fix an electricity fuse box that has tripped

Water and condensation
How to treat and prevent mould

Kitchen and bathroom
How to unclog a sink
How to prevent a blocked sink
How to reseal a bath, shower or sink
How to fix a dripping tap
How to repair a leak under the sink


Below are some useful FAQs regarding our services.

Water Hygiene
Electrical Safety
Gas Safety
Lifting Equipment


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