EastEnders Pie ‘n’ Mash pays homage to Poplar with a new Chrisp Street mural

Brian, owner of EastEnders Pie ‘n’ Mash, is responsible for the stunning new mural on the south side of Chrisp Street Market. The colourful artwork pays tribute to the rich history of the market and the surrounding area, and was designed and painted by artist the Agwa from Bean Studios.

Brian told us: “I asked the artist to put George Lansbury, the crane, Canary Wharf and the docks on the mural because they’re a key part of the market’s history and reflect what it’s like today. Including a wheelbarrow on the mural was especially important to me. It belonged to Kenny Long, who owned the green grocers and was here for 30 years before he retired about 6 months ago. His nan owned the business before him and where it says N.Walton on the wheelbarrow, that’s her. That wheelbarrow is one of the iconic things that people here associate with Chrisp Street Market.”

Speaking to Agwa about why he painted the mural, he told us: “I usually do commercial artwork but I took this on as a personal project. Brian wanted the mural to be reflective of the community and to engage local people.”

The mural sits alongside a new outdoor seating area for Pie ‘n’ Mash customers. Brian explained why he’s inviting people to brave the British weather: “We’re going through a period where there will be lots of stuff getting knocked down and I want people to know we’re still open for business. We get loads of passing traffic so I think having people sat outside gives the market a real nice buzz. It’s great for the summer, but we might keep the seating out during the winter too. My sons live in Norway and over there they put blankets out for customers sitting outside, so we might do that. Or get heaters!”

The mural was part funded by Poplar HARCA as part of our work to support the local, independent business community.

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