Fire Safety

Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility. We all need to do our bit to keep each other safe.

UPDATE 25/10/17: 

Following an inspection by the London Fire Brigade, no further action needs to be taken at William Cotton Court. We will, of course, implement any recommendations from the Government and statutory agencies following the findings from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. 

Read the letter to our residents here.

Read the Fire Brigade report here.

UPDATE 28/06/17: 

Some decorative panels that form a small part of the façade of William Cotton and Anne Matthews Courts (one building, but with two residential towers) have been confirmed as the least fire resistant type of ACM panel.

The London Fire Brigade have visited the building and carried out a thorough inspection. We are acting on their recommendations.

Read the letter to our residents here.

UPDATE 19/06/17: A letter has been sent to residents of all our high rise blocks with an update on our fire safety precautions - you can read it here.

Like everyone, we’ve been devastated by the impact of Grenfell Tower fire and our thoughts are with all those touched by this tragedy.

There is discussion that the fire may have spread so quickly because of the cladding.  We  can confirm that Poplar HARCA did not use the same type of cladding on any of our refurbished blocks.  The cause of the majority of the fires on our estates is:


  • Dumped rubbish being set alight
  • Residents not taking care of candles or appliances
  • Things being stored in communal areas which would fuel a fire or impede escape in the event of a fire


Our Estate Services Managers conducted a compliance check on Wednesday 13th June, including walking every landing, staircase and common area of all of our blocks and conducting a visual inspection of fire doors and related equipment. 

This fire awareness advice was hand-delivered at the same time, providing details of how residents can reduce risk of fire in their buildings and setting out what we do to ensure fire safety.


So you know, we:

  • Carry out Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) annually for all blocks. High-rise blocks are checked every six-months.
  • Estate Services conduct monthly documented fire safety checks of the communal areas of blocks as a valuable addition to the fire safety measures in place. Estate Cleaners also conduct daily visual assessments in line with our Estate Management Procedure.
  • An emergency plan is published here and is provided in print form in tenancy packs.  
  • We carry out inspections including annual gas servicing in tenants homes alongside annual smoke detector checks. We undertake testing and inspections of electrical installations both within tenants homes and in communal areas of blocks. Electrical intakes, fire alarms and emergency lighting systems are also tested and serviced annually.   
  • Fire safety arrangements are reviewed regularly via Technical Resources Compliance Assessment meetings and the Health & Safety Steering Group.


What’s next:

  • We believe we have a robust approach to fire risk management and a proven track record in dealing with both risk and processes around fires. We will continue to ensure our procedures meet the needs of our residents and buildings.
  • We will monitor the findings of investigations into the Grenfell Tower fire and assess our stance where necessary.


In the meantime, please check out the information and advice on the London Fire Brigade's website


If you have any concerns talk to us on

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