Highlights from our interviews with volunteers

As part of Volunteers' Week we have interviewed four special volunteers that help keep Poplar moving forward, below are some highlights from their interviews.

If you're inspired by any of these comments to start voluteering please email either Terri (Terri.Calbraith@poplarharca.co.uk) or Thom (thom@wearespotlight.com)


Baljit Bain

What keeps you coming back?

There is something quite addictive about volunteering your time. I find that the energy and the creative element at Spotlight keeps me coming back. I love the fact that Spotlight is ever evolving and versatile in being able to offer something to everyone.

Beibei Ge Mu

What attracted you to start volunteering?

I am taking a career break currently from my previous job in banking. At the same time, I am also considering taking a complete different career direction. I got to know Poplar HARCA through a friend of mine and after doing a bit of research, I was very impressed by Poplar HARCA’s work in the housing and regeneration space.  As I got some free time these few months and I saw an opening in the Accents team, I decided to join as a volunteer to help out with some projects and to learn a bit more about social, economic and cultural regeneration.

Ed White

What difference has volunteering made to your life?

The experience has made me more confident in myself and developed my ability to communicate better with children.

Linda Tai

What impact does your volunteering role have on the service?

I hope it has some impact! I am helping to write partnership documents for Well One, as well as resources for the new social prescribing service that Poplar HARCA will launch soon. I feel that my health background brings a different perspective to the team.



Terri Calbraith

Volunteering Coordinator

020 7536 8865



Thom Palser

Youth Volunteering Coordinator

020 7536 8862


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