Illegally sub-letting? Own up and claim amnesty this January

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If you are illegally sub-letting a Poplar HARCA home, you can hand back the property in January or February 2018 and we won’t take legal action. You can hand back the keys and end your tenancy, no questions asked.

After 1st March 2018 however, maximum sentences in the courts will be sought. This could mean up to two years in prison and fines of up to £50,000 and recovery not only of the property but also the proceeds from renting it out and all the legal costs.

Don’t push your luck, own-up and give-up


Suspect a neighbour is sub-letting?

During the amnesty, the reward for anyone who reports an illegally sublet property will be doubled

You can pick up a £1000 reward for information leading to the recovery of a property.

Who should I contact?

Call 08000 351 991 or email

If you’ve already been served with a legal notice, sorry but you’re too late to claim amnesty

The Government estimates that 98,000 tenancies are illegally sublet across the UK. It goes against the grain not to take every one through the Courts but amnesties have recovered a lot of homes in other places. It’s a final chance to do the right thing and walk away.

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08000 351 991

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