The Men’s Cabin community group create: ‘Wallpaper’

Community group The Men’s Cabin have collaborated with artist and designer Angela Groundwater to create the aptly named exhibition ‘Wallpaper’, featuring wallpaper designs that celebrate the group’s members.

The exhibition, attended by MP Jim Fitzpatrick and local people, opened on Thursday 18th October and runs until 14th November at The Cabin community centre.

To create the wallpaper designs, members of The Men’s Cabin shared their stories and brought in objects and photographs including a ship in a bottle, a bus pass, a plate of food, a bottle of rum and a mannequin that has become the group’s mascot. The design features these items, and the wallpaper itself has become the narrative of personal journeys, interests and passions. The result is an intricate vintage inspired design. On close inspection, what looks like a zigzag pattern is in fact a repeat image of the men.

The Cabin's manager Jayne, told us: “The men loved seeing their stories become physical designs. It was a fantastic project that brought the group closer together.”

As well as the wallpaper, which has been pasted onto a display screen, the design has been printed onto tea towels, mugs and aprons which can be bought from The Cabin.

A big thank you to Tower Hamlets Ageing Well Small Grants who supported the project costs. ‘Wallpaper’ forms part of Angela Groundwater’s ongoing ‘OAP Project’, working with various older community groups in East London.

The Men’s Cabin is made up of men over the age of 50 living in Tower Hamlets. The group aims to reduce isolation, improve health & wellbeing, and provide opportunities to develop and learn new skills.

Check out all the photos on their Facebook page.

The Men's Cabin with MP Jim Fitzpatrick
From left to right: Rex, Clifton, MP Jim Fitpatrick, Dave, Paul, Brian, Joseph & George

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