The power of mediation

Neighbour disputes happen, and can have a negative impact on those involved. Poplar HARCA has introduced mediation as a process to help residents deal with disputes and their impacts. 

Mediation is a process that allows both parties to come to a realistic agreement to resolve their problems. Both parties are given the space to talk and the mediator helps to facilitate this conversation.

We spoke to Lisa*, a resident who has taken part in the mediation process. She explained:

“I was able to say what I wanted, listened to and not policed which is important. It’s an effective and safe process. In the first meeting we explored the issues and identified any misunderstandings. They guided me and offered options of what to expect which provided me a level of comfort. 

Initially my neighbour and I had separate meetings. Then, they wanted us to meet together. It was critical for me that the outcome of our meeting together be positive. In that first meeting I spoke about the noise and the impact it had on me. Our issues allowed us to go deeper and gain a better understanding and appreciation of each other. 

We’ve gone from being at loggerheads to having a relationship with each other and a realisation that we have more in common. Today we are more proactive in our relationship with one another. For example, if she is having a party she informs me beforehand.

Overall my wellbeing’s improved. It’s had a massive impact on my home life. Mediation’s an extremely positive experience.”

*name changed.

If you, or someone you know, might benefit from taking part in mediation, get in touch with the Housing team on 0800 035 1991.

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