Residents vote to regenerate Teviot

On an 81% turnout, 86% of voters have backed proposals for regenerating the Teviot Estate, Poplar with 1,800–2,450 new homes, new green and play spaces, shops, community and faith facilities, and improved infrastructure. 

Resident ballots for strategic estate regeneration projects that require City Hall funding were introduced by the Mayor of London in July 2018.  The independent ballot of 617 eligible residents was conducted by Electoral Reform Services.

Steve Stride, Chief Executive of Poplar HARCA said: “The Teviot community is strong and close, and they have told us what they want for the future of their estate. There’s still a lot of hard work to be done, and we are excited to continue to work with residents to realise their aspirations.”

The Residents’ Steering Group said: “We worked with Poplar HARCA to make sure the Offer was what residents want for the future of their estate. We’re really pleased that the community has voted [so overwhelmingly] in favour, and we look forward to the plans becoming Teviot’s future reality.’’

James Murray, Deputy Mayor for Housing & Residential Development said: “Londoners who live on estates must have a real say in any plans for where they live, which is why the Mayor has put ballots at the heart of his approach to estate regeneration.  We are pleased to see the Mayor’s policy being put into practice at the Teviot Estate, and we look forward to working with Poplar HARCA to build new social housing for existing residents and other Londoners.”

Independent Resident Advisor Mike Tyrell added: "Teviot residents knew what they wanted, and Poplar HARCA has put together the offer based on residents’ ideas about what is most important. This was a truly collaborative project, and I look forward to continuing to work with the Residents’ Steering Group to deliver their vision.”

Read the full Offer document here.

Notes to Editors

On 18th July 2018 the Mayor introduced a requirement which means that any Landlord seeking GLA funding for a strategic estate regeneration project must demonstrate that they have secured resident support for their proposals through a ballot. This is to make sure that GLA funding only supports regeneration projects if residents have had a clear say in plans and support them going ahead. Read more here.


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