Take part in an exciting pilot study

Do you want to take part in an exciting pilot study, and earn shopping vouchers for your time?

Poplar HARCA are conducting research in partnership with The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to help us improve our services to families in our community and help understand the wider impacts of poverty.

The study will look at whether the high cost of living, and day-to-day financial stress, affects people’s memory and concentration and their ability to make decisions to avoid a cycle a poverty.

We are looking for 30 Poplar HARCA residents who are unemployed or earning up to £50k to take part. You will be given £60 worth of shopping vouchers for your time.

What does it involve?

The study will take place from April to June. During the study, our officers will visit residents three times over a three-month period (once per month). At each visit, we will ask residents to complete a few quick and fun brain training games on an iPad and complete a short survey on their financial, health and employment experiences.

Each of the three visits could last up to one hour, and after completing the games and survey, residents will receive a shopping voucher worth £20 (for a total of £60 for three visits).

How do I sign up?

For more information, contact Nazmul.Ahmed@poplarharca.co.uk.

Important information

The answers are very important to us and the participation in the study is entirely voluntary. Poplar HARCA will never give BIT any information about residents’ names, addresses or other personal details. All personal information residents will share will be anonymised. The information will be stored securely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and deleted after the end of the study. The anonymised information will form part of a research paper which is pencilled to be completed in September 2019.


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