The Wallpaper Wall: Inside | Outside

Between 9th November 2018 and 9th January 2019, The Wallpaper: Wall Inside / Outside was displayed at Canary Wharf Community Window Gallery.

The idea behind the project was to document wallpapers from both Carradale House and Balfron Tower to create a contemporary historical archive of everyday home decoration in East London, through consultation with residents who used to live in the flats. The archive is significant because there are good historical archives of wallpapers & wall coverings from palaces and stately homes, but there are limited records of everyday domestic wallpapers used in people’s homes from two neighbouring buildings.

Studio Houndstooth worked with the Brownfield Estate Board in a series of textile and materials workshops to create some of the hoarding and wayfinding panels displayed around Balfron Tower whilst construction works are taking place. The voluntary, pattern workshop series covered a range of textile pattern techniques and approaches which were displayed at the Canary Wharf Community Window Gallery.

The panels are now displayed by The Cabin community centre and will be up whilst major works continue. They hope that the hoarding design will be part of a wayfinding pattern trail to the local Chrisp St Market.

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