In 2012 we addressed the energy consumption of our housing stock, with a focus on our least energy efficient homes.

We established the scope for energy efficiency and renewable energy in our housing stock in partnership with AgilityEco, a specialist in funding, design, surveying and project management for low carbon retrofit.

Following a successful pilot, we were able to roll out a significant programme installing solar panels across our housing stock. To date over 6,500 panels have been installed. The project led to the establishment of a community benefit society, facilitated by Geo Capita, which owns the panels. Profits are channelled into a community benefit fund which are then recycled into community oriented projects, including those to address fuel poverty.

Expected to generate £2 million income over the next 20 years, the Solar Panels project has also brought in over £36k of savings for residents to date.

Over 6.5k solar panels installed

Over £36k of savings for residents

£2m income over 20 years