Love London Working - Abdul

Abdul started seeking Employment & Training support through the Love London Working programme. We spoke to him about how getting employment support through Poplar HARCA helped him get back into work after being unemployed for five years, boosted his self-confidence and helped get his life back on track.

Check out his full interview below!


Tell us about your background before you started with the LLW programme…

I’d been off work for 5 years before starting my new job. I applied for several jobs but didn’t have any luck with them as my background wasn’t good.

Now I am back to work, I feel like I’ve got my life back on track!


A testimony about your journey, when you first registered with Poplar HARCA and your current progress. What happened?

After registering with Poplar HARCA, they listened to everything I said and helped a lot as I went back to work. They weren’t too far from where I lived, and every time I got a call from them they gave me all the help I needed.


What difference did this make to you? What was so special about the outcome/person?

It made a lot of difference as I had fallen down to my worst and there was a very long time where I wasn’t getting any help. After this, I was challenging myself but it still wasn’t enough to help my situation. Then I found out about Poplar HARCA’s Employment & Training team.


Were there any long term benefits to the outcome?

It was very beneficial.


What were the best highlights of your journey and experience?

It was very helpful with all the services I received, and having my advisor calling and offering me as many jobs as possible.


How has the Poplar HARCA Love London Working programme helped you with your journey so far?

It was very helpful. The people were very nice, giving me all the help I needed. They care a lot, and I’ve seen a boost to my self-confidence.

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