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Jason signed up for our Employment & Training services after being unemployed for two months and suffering a hit to his confidence. We spoke to him about how receiving support from an advisor helped get him back into work and boosted his self-confidence.

Check out his full interview below!


What was your background before you started with the Love London Working Programme?

I had been unemployed for 2 months and had applied for a number of jobs and apprenticeships. I live with my family, so rent wasn’t a major issue, but being unemployed for this amount of time made me lose confidence in myself and my ability to find work.


What happened when you first registered with Poplar HARCA, and how did it progress from there?

At first, I had applied for an apprenticeship with the NHS. After speaking with an adviser, we concluded that getting help with Poplar HARCA to find employment was the best option for me.

At my first appointment with my adviser Akthar, we discussed what kind of jobs I was looking for. At the time, I had considered doing admin work but had no experience, so I was given advice on how to do voluntary work to get the experience I needed and was given help with my CV.

I got a lot of help at my second appointment (applying for jobs, etc.) and I became a lot more confident in myself.

My adviser sent me details of an introduction day for a Barista course aimed at people like me. I attended that day and put my name down for the course, and after talking to the organiser it was suggested that I do the 8 week course which starts in July. My placement is not guaranteed as there is an assessment day at the end of June.

I found a job vacancy advert for a Warehouse Operative at Harrods which required registering with an agency. All the roles for that position had been filled, but there was a vacancy as a Stockroom Assistant Temp for Louis Vuitton at Selfridges. This is my current job!


What difference did this make to you? What was so special about the process?

I gained confidence and hope that I would find employment sooner, and it made me more proactive in seeking employment.


Were there any long term benefits to the outcome?

Too early to tell, but with my current job I have already gained a lot of experience which is valuable for me!


What was the best highlight of your journey and experience?

At first I was pessimistic and frustrated that I wouldn’t be able to find employment soon. Things turned around shortly; there were more and more opportunities opening up and I finally got a job in the end.


How has the Poplar HARCA Love London Working Programme helped you with your journey so far?

By giving me the help, support and opportunities I needed. They saw that I was underselling myself as I didn’t believe in myself at the start.

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