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Robert had been unemployed for over 20 years before signing up for our service. He lacked confidence and qualifications, but with help from his advisor received a job offer within just two weeks!

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What was your background before you started with the Love London Working Programme?

I registered with Poplar HARCA on the 14th of June 2017, having been unemployed for over 20 years and looking for roles in maintenance with no luck.

I lacked confidence and qualifications, and felt demotivated with job rejections.


What happened when you registered with Poplar HARCA, and how did it progress from there?

After completing the registration forms and assessments at Poplar HARCA, I spoke to a young lad named Riaz who advised me that there was a vacancy which would best suit my skill sets. I gladly accepted the offer, and was then assigned to an Advisor, named Akthar. She was a very helpful young lady with great knowledge and skills in being able to assist with my job search.

In our first meeting we discussed the role of Facilities Worker and we both made a start on the application form.

I received help from both Akthar and Alex with my job application. The deadline for the application form was a week and I panicked because I had been unemployed for 20 years and wasn’t too sure where to start with the forms.


What difference did this make to you, and what was so special about the process?

Within 2 weeks I received a job offer just be signing up with Poplar HARCA!

I am happy that I was given an opportunity for an interview on the 3rd of July by the Atlee Centre, and I was shocked because I didn’t realise that I would be shortlisted! I was then offered the position for the role of a Facilities Worker.


Where there any long term benefits to the outcome?

I was unemployed for over 20 years, so to get a job was great.


What was the best highlight of your journey and experience?

Attending the interview, going through the entire process against three candidates and being offered a position for the role.


How has the Poplar HARCA Love London Working Programme helped you with your journey so far?

By attending Poplar HARCA, this allowed me to engage with and meet new individuals. It prepared my employability skills and gave me the steps and courage to brush up on the areas which I needed assistance with, where each staff members focused on my needs and supported me through my journey in returning to work.


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