Talent Match

Fahad is a Talent Match participant who took part in our Future Moves programme, designed to help develop personal skills, confidence and office etiquette.

We spoke to him about how joining Talent Match got him to rethink his life and transformed his situation.

Check out Fahad’s full interview below!



What were you doing before joining the Poplar HARCA Employment & Training Talent Match project?

I finished college, which was a New Vic Sixth Form college, where I studied travel and tourism. Then I was looking for a job in retail as well as exploring other opportunities such as business admin apprenticeships.


How did you find out about our service?

I went to skills for growth to look for an apprenticeship, and then they told me about Poplar HARCA and how they support you and help you find what you are looking for.


What was your experience like in the Future Moves programme?

It was great! I learnt so many new things and gained knowledge in interviews and how to succeed at them. The experience was fun and enjoyable; I made new friends and did lots of activities that gradually increased my confidence and team working skills.


What has been your experience of the team supporting you?

The experience was amazing! They helped me in many ways and they taught me a lot of things that I didn’t know at all. We also did on to ones with them, helping me open up more and enable them to find what I am looking for in life.


What does being a Talent Match participant involve?

It involved being friendly and cooperative with the team; being confident enough to open up to them, helping them figure out who you are and what you want. In return for this, they help you.


How has it changed your life?

Before, I wouldn’t do anything but sit at home and sleep or go out with my friends. When I joined the programme, it got me to get up and rethink my life. It got me to go places, send my CV in and apply for jobs and apprenticeships.


What skills have you learnt?

I learnt communication skills and how to be confident wherever I go, as well as becoming able to lead my team, dictate what to do and help out.

I also learnt how to create and update a well-made CV and send them to companies.


What’s the best thing about Talent Match?

The events were great. They were entertaining and got everyone to come together again.

I also really appreciated the help that they give you for what you want to do in life.


Where do you see yourself in the future?

Running a successful self-made business organisation, working in an office, knowing I’ve got millions of pounds in my bank account and warehouses full of stocks that I am selling and buying. Also, investing in companies. Becoming a self –made multi millionare.

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