Talent Match

Tahira is a Talent Match participant who took part in our Pre-apprenticeship programme, designed to help develop personal skills, confidence and office etiquette.

Before joining Poplar HARCA Employment & Training she was unemployed, looking for an apprenticeship on her own. We spoke to her about joining the Employment & Training service has changed her life. She’s gained so much confidence in herself, she says, improving her determination, honesty, social skills and professional attitude.

Check out Tahira’s interview below!



What were you doing before joining the Poplar HARCA Employment & Training Talent Match project?

Before joining Poplar HARCA E&T, I was unemployed and looking for an apprenticeship on my own.


How did you find out about our service?

I found out through a friend of mine who also joined the Poplar HARCA E&T team.


What was your experience like in the pre-apprenticeship programme?

I really enjoyed the Equality and Diversity Level 2 as Shamsol taught in a very enthusiastic way. I also gained interview skills and had the chance to see the company Valero.

I made new friends and completed the Mental Health Awareness Level 2 where I first found out about the Department of Health. I also received help in creating my CV and had an amazing chance to do work experience as a youth worker, where I developed leadership skills.

I also did an optional qualification of dignity and safeguarding in adult health.


What has been your experience with the Poplar HARCA E&T team supporting you?

Alex was my advisor and he continually made sure to see me every week to complete supporting statements and always picked me up when I lost confidence.

Rio gave me two mock interviews which really helped me in the interviews I have done.


What does being a Talent Match participant involve?

Being part of the talent match means I had access to a 4 week training course and gained 3 qualifications. I had unlimited guidance from advisors and computer access. I was also invited to the talent match party!


How has it changed your life?

I have gained so much confidence in myself and gained qualifications which I will need to work in a health environment.

I’ve realised hard work pays off as I come in every day – even after the training I don’t stop trying and learning.


What skills have you learnt?

Determination, honesty, social skills and a professional attitude.


What’s the best thing about Talent Match?

Everyone is like family in the Poplar HARCA E&T centre and everyone is treated fairly.


Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself as part of the United Nations to help improve domestic violence and policies.  

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