Adriana Manzo-Andrade

Project Volunteer - Various, Brownfield Cabin

I have been volunteering at the Brownfield Cabin since September 2014. I started off at the Knit & Knatter group and have grown from there. I assist in planning activities, teaching and running the workshops and lend a hand at events too.

I love how personal and intimate it is at the Brownfield Cabin, and the friendships you make there. It definitely has a different feel than the bigger centres, and I have grown attached to every member and the management team - it helps that Jayne is such a supportive manager!

Most memorable for me was befriending an elderly lady who came across as a very hostile and unapproachable individual at some of the sessions - but one day she gave me a hug! To me, it felt like we finally broke that barrier and bonded.

I’d encourage everyone to give a bit of their time to the community. You get a lot out of volunteering and form so many great relationships.

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