Monzo Ara Khaton

Project Volunteer - Various, Aberfeldy, Brownfield Cabin & Trussler Hall

Monzo Ara Khaton moved to London nine years ago from Bangladesh, where she runs her own tailoring company and has a Masters in Politics and Governance.

I have been volunteering for Poplar HARCA since 2013, on multiple projects at the Aberfeldy Centre, Brownfield Cabin and Trussler Hall. I am involved with loads of activities locally, including the Women’s only cycling club, leading sewing workshops, assisting Bangladeshi women ages 35-65 years old with their English, and helping with the Swishing clothes swap. The most memorable experience is when I was told I could go to visit the British Parliament for a volunteer trip- I really felt lucky to experience that.

I particularly like doing projects that are for women only.  I love that I can contribute to other people’s self-development and give them support. It makes me happy!

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