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On your first day you may feel nervous and have lots of questions but try not to worry, we will be there to support you and make sure it all goes smoothly.

There is always a lot of information to take in on your first day so here we have included information that you can read in your own time and refer back to whenever you need a refresher.

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Why should you complete this form?
We are researching the collective impact that volunteering with Poplar HARCA can have on a group of people. By completing this short survey you will be part of this research. We appreciate that some of the questions listed below are personal, if you do not wish to answer any question please skip to the next.
Complete this section if you live in Poplar or Bow. If not, move onto the Health section.

Thank you for completing this form. We appreciate that the questions you have answered here today contain some extremely personal information and so will be treated confidentially and with care. This information will be destroyed as soon as possible.

Why should you complete this form?
The information gathered here will help us make improvements to our volunteering programme based on fact, rather than assumption, in order to provide the most worthwhile volunteering experiences we can. This information will be recorded anonymously.
Your volunteering experience

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements regarding your experience volunteering with Poplar HARCA?

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            2 being 'tend to disagree'
            3 being 'neither'
            4 being 'tend to agree'
            5 being 'strongly agree'

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Volunteer Coordinator



Harry Forshaw

Youth Volunteer Coordinator

020 7536 8861

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