Tackling ASB

We believe everyone has the right to feel safe in their home. Our team works with residents and partners to tackle ASB.


Our team

We constantly evaluate our performance and how we manage ASB to provide a more effective service. Our team is currently made up of:

3 x Support Officers - Your point of contact if you experience ASB. They may ask to take a report from you and will complete a risk assessment so that we are clear on the impact the ASB is having on you. They’ll keep you informed throughout the case including what our ASB Officers have been able to do to progress your complaint. Our intention is to resolve matters as effectively and quickly as we can.


4 x ASB Officers – Officers specialise in certain types of ASB work so that we have a focus on our key areas – whether it be noise, flytipping or harassment to name only a few. They will only deal with the people being complained about in a case. They work closely with the local Policing teams, support agencies and frontline Poplar HARCA staff to ensure they have a holistic approach to their investigation.


1 x Positive Support Officer - Working with people who – due to their behaviour - have been involved in situations that require intervention before more serious action is considered.  The Officer’s goal is to change behavior - assisting residents to engage with partners and support agencies – and to prevent the need for legal action.


1 x Fraud Manager - Leads on all tenancy and Right to Buy fraud casework including legal proceedings to recover tenancies and proceeds. The fraud manager maintains good relationships with statutory and Local Authority agencies and plan and undertake counter fraud investigations using all available tools, while working with all tenants and stakeholders to provide an excellent service and protect the assets of Poplar HARCA.


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101 (non emergency)

999 (emergency)

Our team:

0800 035 1991 option 3

Twitter: @PH_ASBTeam

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