We provide opportunities for local people to get involved in how we're run; and we'll provide training, advice and personal development opportunities along the way.

Local Involvement

Estate Boards are neighbourhood based groups and provide a voice for the community to have a say on local housing, estate and community services.

Neighbourhood Centres provide opportunities for residents to get involved in activities and delivering community services, including social enterprise and independent community groups.


Networks provide an opportunity for the community to come together over shared interests, themes and activities; current networks include enterprise and green networks.         

Young People

The Youth Empowerment Board provides an opportunity for young people to get involved in the governance of Poplar HARCA. 

There are also opportunities for young people to shape services at Spotlight.

Governance & Scrutiny  

There are opportunities for local people to take up roles on the Poplar Board & Committees. The Joint Estate Panel provides a voice for residents from each Neighbourhood.

Listening Campaigns

Poplar HARCA consults with each neighbourhood to identify key priorities.                 


Poplar HARCA provides a range of volunteering opportunities, from volunteering with children at events to gardening and befriending schemes – something for everyone!





Resident Empowerment Support Team (REST)

Fintan Tynan: 020 7510 0505


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