Vision and values

Our vision is simple...discovering, developing and implementing opportunities to help our community thrive.

Our Values: We create opportunity through....

…constant improvement

This is our ethos. Why we are here. Working to improve everything around us, and to support others to do the same. We provide homes, deliver services, enable regeneration and much, much more. We look to our people and our communities to find better ways and achieve better outcomes.


…wholehearted commitment

Getting things done, especially when a different approach is needed, requires determination. We know that there will be anticipated and unanticipated challenges. We calmly and confidently address each situation, and we adjust when we need to.


…enthusiastic support

Change is inevitable. Even if it’s for the better it’s not always easy. As a community we are supportive of everyone’s needs. It is important that we are all heard and respected. We are mindful of everyone’s right to have a say, even if sometimes we do not all agree with each other.


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