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Thames Water charge refunds


Like many councils and housing associations, Poplar HARCA used to collect water charges on behalf of Thames Water.
In October 2020 the Court of Appeal decided that this type of contract meant that the landlords were ‘water resellers’.

Poplar HARCA’s contract with Thames Water changed in 2016 so commission was not earned, from this time.

Following a Court decision in 2016 Poplar HARCA has, in-line with its legal obligations, repaid residents who have made a claim.  We are aware that some landlords with similar contracts decided to refund the whole term of the contracts.  Others, as has Poplar HARCA, are refunding based on a strict legal 6-year statute of limitations on claims.

Limitation Period

The six year legal statute of limitation on claims ended in April 2022, any request received from April 2022 is no longer eligible for a refund.