We work in partnership with organisations across Tower Hamlets to connect residents to health and wellbeing activities at our community centres and lots of other services nearby.

Befriending Service

There are many people who are lonely and living in isolation across Poplar and Bow and this affects their health and quality of life dramatically.

The support offered by befrienders gives companionship through the opportunity to talk to someone friendly on a regular basis.

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HARCA Centres Unlocked

When Poplar HARCA community centres closed during coronavirus lockdown, we started the HARCA Centres Unlocked facebook group for regular live online activities. Due to it’s success, we’ll be continuing an online programme of activities here as our centres reopen. Joins us for everything from fitness to food, health & wellbeing, advice and support and lots more.

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Well One

WellOne is an online directory connecting residents to local health & wellbeing activities.

WellOne is a partnership of housing associations, schools, GPs and community organisations working together to improving health and wellbeing across Poplar, Bow and Limehouse. We organise campaigns around health awareness, promote healthy lifestyles and healthy living, and deliver health and wellbeing festivals, activities and events.

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Going digital in the time of covid

Stories of Change - Going digital in the time of Covid

Digital inclusion is an integral part of Poplar HARCA’s strategy to reduce the ever-widening digital divide and its effects on low-income families.

For over 10 years, we have worked with partners such as the Good Things Foundation (GTF) to provide digital skills training to our residents. Little did we know that the time would come when providing digital skills would not be enough if people do not have computer devices and internet connection at home.  The COVID-19 pandemic proved this.

Access to our public computer suites were closed and families who rely on these public resources were stuck. Children had to be home-schooled and essential services had gone online.

In response, we immediately re-directed some of our GTF funding resources to 30 of the most vulnerable families, equipping them with computer devices (tablets) containing basic tools that they can use to stay connected and access essential services. This initiative triggered other to get more families connected. And so the Connecting Communities Partnership was born.

Read the Stories of Change – Going Digital in the time of Covid, an initial evaluation of the Connecting Communities Programme that aims to provide families with 50mb broadband Internet connection, a Google Chromebook digital device, basic digital training, and basic ICT support.