Value for Money

Creating Opportunity. Thinking long-term. Maximising impact.

Our Strategic Plan Creating Opportunity 2016-21 sets out our goals, confirms our vision and explains how we create opportunity

Our approach is as much about Value as it is about Money.

  • Spending less: minimising cost; and
  • Spending well: getting the best results; and
  • Spending wisely: achieving what we said we would.

VfM is the responsibility of everyone in Poplar HARCA:

  • Our Board sets our strategic direction, and monitors achievement.
  • Our Committees monitor our strategy and performance:
    • Our Audit and Risk Committee monitors corporate strategy, statutory and regulatory requirements, and best practice.
    • Our Finance and General Purposes Committee monitors VfM results.
    • Our Services Committee monitors operational performance.
  • Our Joint Estate Panel and Youth Empowerment Board inform and influence the Board’s decisions.
  • Our Estate Boards and Gatherings inform and influence local decisions

Evidencing outcomes:

We compare and improve service performance through benchmarking: 

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