We aim to actively enhance the environment by creating and improving places and spaces for our communities to thrive.

Whether it’s cleaner air, reducing energy bills or creating beautiful outdoor spaces – it’s all great for us, and great for the planet.

In 2019, the Government set an ambitious target to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 in a bid to end the country’s contribution to global warming. This included targets to bring all business activities to carbon neutral by 2050 and all fuel-poor homes to EPC band C by 2030.

We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and have established a carbon management strategy to help us become carbon net zero by 2050.

Our 4 key objectives are to:

  • Improve the environmental performance of our offices, services & business activities
  • Bring the energy efficiency of our social rent homes to EPC band C by 2030, where viable
  • Enhance our green spaces
  • Engage our community in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions

Our approach includes avoiding carbon intensive activities, replacing high-carbon energy sources with low-carbon sources, and offsetting emissions that can’t be eliminated. We’re also transforming the way we approach building design and management, embedding sustainability in all of our decision making and preparing for a future that is quite different to what we have previously known.

You can read more about our various environmental projects and what we’re already doing to achieve our net zero objectives below.

Environment Projects

Knitting for a cleaner Poplar

More than 60 members of the community have come together to knit a visual exhibition that showing the air quality readings from around the local area. Capturing data from March 2023-24, the display is designed to spark conversations around improving the air quality near our homes and neighbouring schools.

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Eco-friendly deliveries for Chrisp Street

Cargo bike delivery company Zedify partnered with us and Tower Hamlets Council, to provide an innovative delivery service for local businesses in Chrisp Street Market. Run entirely by bike, the zero-emissions service helped clean up local air pollution.

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Going green with e-vans

Our Estates Services team introduced two electric vans to its fleet in early 2022. The e-vans offer lots of benefits for improving our environment, from helping to keep our estates clean and green to reducing negative emissions in Tower Hamlets.

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Green improvements at Carradale House

Our estate at Carradale House and the surrounding area has been transformed with new environmental works, including landscaping with plants and shrubs, seating areas, and a new children’s play space.

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Chrisp Street Community Cycles

More than 200 bikes have been loaned to local people since the launch of the Chrisp Street Community Cycle Hub in September 2021. In partnership with Hubbub & Sustrans, the hub offers free cycle hire, guided rides, and bike repairs.

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Saving energy with smart home devices

We’re installing smart home devices to help residents live in more energy efficient environments. The technology uses sensors inside their homes to highlight where excess energy can be reduced and money on bills can be saved.

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Poplar is the place to bee

As part of a campaign to save British bees, we set up beehives on the roof of Silver Wharf in Poplar. The hives have produced hundreds of pounds of honey, generating large pots of the sticky nectar for Tower Hamlets residents to enjoy.

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Time for Change

Young people involved in our Spotlight youth service have created a powerful film urging local people to act now to tackle climate change, in partnership with Tower Hamlets council, the NHS and The Green Schools project.

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Celebrating Clean Air Day at St Paul's Way

We co-hosted the St Paul’s Way Festival with Tower Hamlets council. It celebrated 'Clean Air Day' to raise awareness about the health impacts of air pollution, and promote sustainable travel.

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Electric car club pioneers

We launched the UK’s first electric car club in partnership with e-car and Tower Hamlets council, enabling local people to hire an affordable and low carbon Renault Zoe.

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Solar panels savings

Since 2012, we’ve installed over 6,500 solar panels across our estates. The panels have delivered over £36,000 in energy savings for our residents, and are expected to generate £2m value of clean energy over 20 years.

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Noise-reducing A12 sound barrier

A special barrier, designed to reduce the impact of traffic sounds, was fitted on the A12 in partnership with Tower Hamlets Council and TfL to enhance the experiences of people walking and cycling nearby.

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Helping communities to reduce food waste

We won a grant from the Big Lottery to fund a Just Food & Climate Transition project with the Women’s Environmental Network (Wen), which focusses on reducing the environmental impacts of our food system.

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Poplar Green Futures

In partnership with URBED & Shared Future CIC, we're bringing together local residents, business owners and organisations to shape and create a greener future for everyone who lives, works and studies in our borough.

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